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• 3/30/2018

Automatic Alphabet

Hey everyone, I think you all have been wondering about the translation of the alphabet that is on the show, soooo, since I was very young I always liked to do alphabets and translate them on my own so i've been doing the same thing with violet evergarden, but I still don't know some of the letters i see that you can use multiple letters to represent one for example the letter "g" has the symbol of that "U" with the roman symbol for 1 in its right side and can be the "y" that is overturned. I really really need you all to help me in translating this alphabet I'll send a pic of what I have done so far in translating
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• 4/27/2018
Well, I'm not very good with deciphering languages, but with what I've seen of the language, the letters on the typewriter in the anime opening seems to correspond with the letters on the English keyboard. You've probably already figured that out, but I wanted to share the information just in case it could help you out.
• 10/11/2018

This is so cool! I love the lettering, it's really beautiful.

• 11/9/2018

this will help to complete the VE alphabet

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