Enciel (アンシェネ, Anshene?), alternatively spelled as Enchaîné, is located in the capital of Enchaine, located in the southwestern part of the Telesis continent. It is in great part an easy-to-live-in land of relatively flat topography, cool in the summer and comfortable in the winter, with little differences of temperature throughout the year and considerably stable climate.


Enciel's location in the world map.

The largest nation of said area is one of the biggest agricultural countries, the Enciel Kingdom, also nicknamed “Telsis’s Bread Basket”, which west and south face the sea, the north has borders with the Drossel Kingdom and the Genetrix Nation, and the east is adjacent to the countries of Bransle and Idifica.

Violet in the hospital in Enciel.

The royal capital, Enchaîné, located on the east side of the country, has a large river leading to the sea in the south, a railway that connects with Leidenschaftlich, which is one of the great southern nations, and a transportation network with various neighboring countries as a focused key-point.[1]

It is a location that takes place in the Violet Evergarden series. It is here where Violet was in the hospital for 112 days until being picked up by Hodgins to go to Leiden.

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During the previous Great War, in which the South and North of the continent had disputed against one another, it had not gone as far as sending off soldiers, but stood alongside the southern side that had served as leading power for Leidenschaftlich, which it had stronger economic relations with. The main battlefield was the center of the continent, at the outskirts of Intense’s sacred grounds, belonging to the East, which simultaneous battle against the western parts of the continent was mild in comparison to the others. Furthermore, there were other countries between the Enciel Kingdom and the battlefield, and as the military solidified its borders, its territory was recognized as a safe area. Additionally, since Enchaîné had medical schools boasting a long history, as well as a great number of doctors, it also served as a base where troops wounded in the frontlines were sent to and medically treated.[1]

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